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rom the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, We fight our country's battles in air, on land, and sea.

Welcome to's latest feature "From the Halls." In our ongoing quest to bring readers expert knowledge from the actual experts, we're kicking off this new feature as part of the relaunch.

"From the Halls" will play host to the best of the best and cover an incredibly diverse and wide range of topics. We'll work to find the experts in every imaginable field --if it'll help you get ahead, we're going to cover it here. Below is a brief list of topics that we'll be moving forward with in the coming year.

  • Military transition
  • Veteran friendly education and obtaining online degrees
  • Building the National Museum of the Marine Corps
  • Marine Corps leadership vs. civilian leadership
  • Historical retrospectives
  • Going from enlisted to officer
  • Executive leadership vs. small unit leadership
  • Latest military-related book and film reviews
  • And much more

Like all of the features in, we work to plan these with your interests in mind. What do you want to see? Whose insight would you want to read? Just drop us a line and let us know. And if your background and knowledge would make for a strong feature, definitely let us know. This is a column written for Marines by Marines and we're in search of the experts. E-mail us and tell us a bit about your background and any ideas you'd like to contribute. Our strongest asset is you.

Semper Fi!

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