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Marine Corps bulldog Motovational Mail MotoMail bulldog carrying mailbag MCB QUANTICO ? Family and friends of Marines deployed to Iraq can send free "letter type messages" to Marines deployed to Iraq by going to

The MotoMail Printer, Folder, Sealer ensures complete privacy and messages are usually delivered in 24 hours or less.

"The MotoMail system is based on the British Armed Forces system called E-Bluey that has been used to send free messages to personnel stationed at locations around the world for the last 5 years," according to CWO4 Don McCarty, Headquarters Marine Corps, Postal Affairs Officer.

To use MotoMail, go to the website at and create a user account. Once you have created an account, the rest of the process is like writing an email. You use several pull down menus to find the unit address, then enter your Marine's rank and full name. When you have completed the letter, you click submit and the message is sent on its way to the Marine post office in Iraq, where it is downloaded and automatically printed, folded, and sealed, then dropped in with the rest of the unit's mail. On the website, you can see the past messages that you have sent and can check the delivery status of your messages.

McCarty said messages must have a real Marine's name in the address to be processed. A message with a fake name will not be delivered. MotoMail is not designed to be used to send letters of encouragement or support from the general public. This process is not intended to replace US mail, as attachments, enclosures, or packages cannot be sent.

McCarty said, "The Marine Corps MotoMail system is going to have a tremendous positive effect on morale in Iraq during the holiday season by providing unparalleled delivery times. Families and friends will be able to submit letters on Christmas Eve for delivery on Christmas day."

For more information, please contact CW04 McCarty, HQMC, M&RA (MRP), at (703) 784-9537, DSN 278-9537, or e-mail at

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