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What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 48 shirts in whatever composition you choose. You can mix any number of shirts to include hoodies, different colored shirts, sweatshirts, short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts. The total just has to add up to at least 48. Different prices apply to different types of shirts.

Do we get bulk discounts?
We have developed a scale that reflects discounts at 72, 144, 288, and 576 shirts. Once you meet each mark, all shirts you buy qualify for the discounted price. Units ordering more than 1000 shirts at a time should call to discuss price.*

How long will this process take?
We build in a schedule of three weeks between the time we collect all of your information and when we ship the shirts. However, that time can be affected by slow responses and changes required of our work. Additionally, we use the U.S. Postal Service for shipping most of our unit purchases. Orders being shipped to a CONUS address can take several days to a week, while orders shipped to an APO or FPO address are a little less predictable, but they've typically been taking 2-3 weeks.

Why do you require a deposit?
For several years, we did not require deposits at any stage. However, it turned out that we were putting a lot of work into many designs that were never going to get printed, which took away time that we could have been spending on the orders that were going to get printed. We require a modest deposit after the pencil stage to ensure we are working for only the serious buyers.

How much is the deposit?
When you place the order, you won't have to pay anything until you've seen the pencil sketch and have requested us to proceed with inking and coloring the design. Once you do that, you will be required to put down a nonrefundable deposit of $75*. This amount will be credited to your account when the final order is placed.

Can I use the design for whatever I want once I buy the shirts? retains the copyright on all designs. Any other use of these designs must be first approved by

Will you have our shirts available for individual purchase after we make the initial order?
No. To cut down on inventory risk and to reduce the cost to you, we make a concerted effort to print the exact number of shirts that are ordered. No more. No less.

Do we still need to purchase at least 48 shirts on a reorder?
Yes. The minimum applies to reorders. Also, the price-per-shirt is not cumulative.

How much is just the design?
T-shirt designs are not for sale. However, may be commissioned for graphic design work for print or Web. E-mail us with your specifications to procure a quote.

How do I pay?
You can pay by credit card using our secure online store, you can call us with your credit card number, or you can send a check or money order to our office. We recommend credit cards because they're more quickly processed, but we'll accommodate any of the above methods.

I belong to a small unit. Can we order less than the minimum?
Unfortunately, no. The set up costs for printing our designs are such that it is not economical to print less than 48. We are monitoring screen printing technology to find a way to get around this requirement, but so far nothing has proved feasible.

*Prices and quantities subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

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