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hank you for visiting our web site at OO-RAH.COM. Our staff is literally spread out across the U.S.A., and is comprised of active duty, reserve, retired, and former Marines, as well as a couple Marine Corps brats. Collectively, we represent nearly a hundred years of time-in-service in the Marine Corps! We are all dedicated to providing Marines with an entertaining site to visit on the Internet. Since our site will be updated on a bi-weekly basis, we hope you will come back again and again.

Although our site is neither reviewed nor sanctioned by the United States Marine Corps, we would like to think of it as a site that they would care to visit regularly.

Our forum is designed for you, the reader, to tell your stories, to offer your opinions, and to be entertained. Whether you care to contribute a Sea Story, or write an editorial for our Permission to Speak Freely column, we will edit and illustrate your contribution in an appropriate manner. Our paramount goal is to offend no one with either language or content. Stories and editorials presented to us for publication on our web site should be military-related, and will be attributed to the original author, unless otherwise requested by them to withhold their name. Think of OO-RAH.COM as your forum to tell it like it is: or was.

Our Semper Fitness column will provide you with tips and good advice about physical fitness as only the Marine Corps lives by.

The Big Gap is a fresh new look at life in the Marine Corps as seen through the eyes and personal experiences of our graphics artists. It is an exclusive comic strip that is about Gramps, a retired Marine Sergeant Major who is living with his grandson.

Our seasoned staff of Marines (and brats) is standing by to roll up their sleeves and work hard for you to give you the fun, the recognition, and perhaps even the closure that you need and deserve.

There will be something new and exciting posted every other week, so be sure to bookmark this web site.

Semper Fidelis!

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