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Cam Beck is the youngest son in an all-Marine family. His father and two brothers were ingraned in the Corps when Cam graduated from boot camp in Parris Island on September 18, 1992. All of them, as well as his grandfather, who served with the Marines as a Navy Seabee at Tarawa and Iwo Jima, attended his graduation. Cam was trained in electronics and computer information systems, and was honorably discharged in 1999 at the rank of sergeant.

Cam entered the civilian workforce at an entry-level job in the graphic arts field. He worked at several newspapers and other various graphics-related agencies. In pursuit of his vocation, he also learned the budding web technologies through various means. By the time his brother Gannon (Sgt., USMC, 1990-1995) approached him with the idea for, Cam already had experience building several websites, and he continues to develop his skills in that area. Cam holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management.

Dennis Beck, Sr. joined the Marine Corps in 1965, having obtained permission from his parents (including his WWII veteran father, E. Wayne, who participated in such island-hopping campaigns as Saipan, Tinian, Tarawa, and Iwo Jima) at 17, and soon afterward shipped off to Vietnam. Shortly after the beginning of his second tour, Dennis was wounded by a grenade fragment when his patrol was overrun by a contingient of an NVA battalion. Every Marine in the patrol was wounded, but they repelled the enemy with the help of a nearby combined Army Special Forces and Montagnard contingency. After a stint in the Marine Reserves with an MP unit in Pennsylvania, Dennis re-entered active duty as a corporal and worked his way up to captain through the Warrant Officer and LDO program.

Dennis retired from the Marine Corps in 1994 with a Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, two Navy Achievement Medals, and an assortment of other campaign and Service deployment ribbons. His retirement ceremony was held at the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington, DC. In his estimation, however, his proudest accomplishment was raising three sons who followed in his footsteps, also becoming United States Marines.

Having remained in touch with friends and family in the Marine Corps community since his retirement, Dennis was the perfect choice to head Public Relations. Additionally, having been enlisted, a warrant officer, an officer, and having worked in and with diverse units and organizations throughout his Marine Corps career, Dennis knows as well as anyone the challenges that face Marines in their day-to-day lives--both while in the service and after. Dennis currently resides in Virginia and continues working to protect the lives of our troops as an employee of the Department of Defense.

Gannon Beck has been serving Marines since childhood--from shoveling their snow with his brothers on Camp Lejeune after a freak snow storm in 1981, to delivering Marines the Pacific Stars & Stripes at 0 dark 30 on Okinawa. His enthusiasm and admiration for those who wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor has been unwavering throughout his life. Art and the Marines mixed for Gannon as early as high school where his watercolor of Marines in front of the Vietnam War Memorial won him first place prize in a local patriotism art contest. His respect for the Marine Corps prompted him to enlist in 1990.

From 1990 to 1995, Gannon served in the intelligence community, at Company E, Marine Support Battalion and later at 1st Radio Battalion, Marine Forces Pacific. His five years on active duty further solidified his belief that Marines are truly a special group of people.

Gannon left the Marines after a successful tour of duty to pursue a career in marketing. Originally trained in print media, he brought his unique blend of design and illustration to the World Wide Web in 1997. Gannon continues to stay involved in the Marine Corps community by applying his design talents to projects for the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, the Marine Corps University Foundation, the Marine Corps Aviation Association, and of course,

Never having actually joined the Corps, Troy McDevitt nevertheless has spent more than half his life fully entrenched in the Marine community. The oldest of two Marine brats, he spent his first 18 years growing up on bases from MCRD, San Diego to Cherry Point, NC. His father, Ron McDevitt (also a member of, retired from the Corps in 1989, at which point the family moved to Buffalo, NY to reunite with their large, extended family living there.

Unable to resist the gypsy urge that the Corps life had imprinted upon him, Troy moved to Greenville, NC at age 19 to see what life had in store for him. Getting a job as an designer for a local screen-printing shop, he worked there for almost two years building the foundation for what would become his future career.

Now a husband and father of two, Troy spends his work hours doing everything from website design and corporate identity packages to illustration and sculpture. Never a Marine but always a huge fan and admirer, Troy has been a founding member of since it's inception and takes great pride in the fact that he's able to give something back to the organization that helped shape his morals and ethics and essentially made him the man he is today.

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