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OO-RAH Articles launched its first update on August 16, 1998 with four main features: Sea Stories, Permission to Speak Freely, Semper Fitness, and an exclusive comic strip about a retired Marine sergeant major who lives with his grandson. This feature was called "The Big Gap" to represent the culture gap between the Military community and the civilian world.

Wanting to make the site more relevant to active-duty Marines,in 2003 dropped "Permission to Speak Freely," which became a sort of Op-Ed column, and replaced it with "From the Halls." This new feature plays host to the best of the best and covers an incredibly diverse and wide range of topics relative to active-duty, transition, the culture gap, book and film reviews, and historical perspectives its readers are not likely to find anywhere else.

In addition, the members of continue to contribute to the Marine Corps community by supporting Marine charities and foundations like the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, and the Marine Corps University Foundation. Because no one organization can do it all by themselves, is committed to supporting the missions of organizations that serve Marines and their families in a variety of ways. performs a major update approximately twice a month, and minor updates periodically.

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