PFC Whittington was placed at Post 3 in the 21 Area of Camp Pendleton. Post 3 is the armory, a large building within a wide fenced-in area. This is a walking post, and the SOP is for the Corporal of the Guard to lock the guard within the fence. Both the guard and the Corporal of the Guard has his own set of keys.

On one particular day, the special orders instructed PFC Whittington that the IG would be through on his watch, and upon proper challenge and password, PFC Whittington was to admit the IG's party. Near the appointed time of the IG's arrival, Whittington found himself near the gate waiting...


To amuse himself, PFC Whittington began tossing the gate keys into the air. As all Marines are likely to do, Whittington started to challenge himself by throwing the keys higher and higher for more spectacular catches. However, much to his dismay, his last toss didn't yield a catch, and the keys soared over the gate and landed some distance from the fence. At this opportune moment, the staff car arrived!

Semper Fi!