What we will be conducting today is a motivating physical training (pt) session for both our runners and our upper body enthusiasts. It’s called the 4 mile body builder. This PT session will consist of pull-ups, push-ups, crunches and 4 mile run broken up into 4 parts. Are you ready to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing? Well let’s get started.

Make sure that you stretch extremely well before this workout. Pay particular attention to the triceps, back, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. The first thing you’ll need is a place to do pull-ups, push-ups and crunches. The pull-up bars will be the start point. Once you’ve found your start point, you need to mark off a point exactly one mile from the start point. Beginning at the start point you will do up to ten pull-ups then you will do 20-25 push-ups (4 ct.), finally you will do 50 crunches or sit-ups. Next, you will run to the 1 mile point and do 25 push-ups and 50 crunches or sit-ups. Then, you will run back to the start point and again do up to 10 pull-ups, 20-25 push-ups and 50 crunches/sit-ups. After that, you will run back to the 1 mile point and repeat the push-ups and crunches and finally back to the start point, which is the finish line. Ensure that you have a good cool down period with lots of stretching.

This workout is sure to bring the beads of sweat and salt to a head on the skin. As you can see, this workout is quick and to the point. I hope you get as much out of this workout as my Marines and I did. Until next time, stay pumped, stay motivated and OO-RAH!

Semper Fidelis!