All of the resistance training exercises in this program will be done using calisthenics. You know, push-ups, crunches and such. It will be a three day workout that targets most of the body parts. We here at Semper Fitness do understand that everyone might not want to or have the resources to lift weights. That's no reason why lean body mass cannot be built. So let's get on with the word.This resistance training workout will consist of three days. We will be working two bodyparts each day. The first day we will work chest and triceps. The second day we will work legs and back. The third day will be calves and abdominals. You will take between 2 and 3 minutes rest between sets. Important: MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH BEFORE EACH WORKOUT. There's no more time for chit chat, let's build some muscle.

Day one will be chest and triceps. For chest and triceps, the exercise will be push-ups. We will do three different variations of them to build the chest and triceps. For each variation of push-up, you will do three sets. One warm up set and two maximum sets, to total failure. First, we will do push-ups with your hands placed a little bit more than shoulder width apart. This will target the mid chest. For this set you will do between 15 and 25 single count push-ups for a warm up. The next two sets, you will do as many as you can do. These will be done to total failure. The next set you will do wide placement push-ups. This will target the outer chest. You will position your hands about a foot away from your chest. This time you will do three maximum sets to total failure. Finally, you will do diamond push-ups for your last set. This will target the triceps and inner chest. Position yours hands together with your thumbs and index fingers touching (forming a diamond in the center). You will do three maximum sets to total failure for this exercise also. You won't believe the pump that you're going to get from doing this. Let's go to day two.

Day two will be legs and back. For legs, we will be doing boot beaters. Boot beaters are nothing more than deep squats. Stand with your feet Shoulder width apart and your hands to your sides. Squat down until your thighs (quadriceps) are parallel to the floor or a little below. This is a boot beater. The first set will be 25 boot beaters. For the second set, you will do 40 and the third set a maximum to failure. For back, we will be doing pull ups. You will do three sets. These will be done with an underhand grip with the palms facing yourself. We are doing it underhand so that you exercise those biceps a little in the process. The first set will be a warm up set of between 5 and 10 repetitions. The second and third sets will be to failure. Every other week, you may alternate between underhand pull ups and overhand pull ups. Now, let's move on to the third and final day.

Day three will be calves and abdominals. This will be different because for calves we are going to indirectly work several other muscle groups at the same time. The first exercise that we will be doing is side straddle hops (jumping jacks). You will do three sets of them. The first set will be 25 single-count. The second and third set will be 50 single-count. For abdominals, the exercise of the day will be crunches. For crunches you will do three sets. The first set will be 25 single-count crunches. You are going to lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Make a fist with one of your hands and grab that fist with the other hand. Then place your fist under your chin against your neck. As you do your crunches, this will keep you from straining your neck. You will lift your shoulder blades off the floor and squeeze your abdominal muscles as tight as possible. Make sure that you exhale as your squeeze. For the first set you will do 20 repetitions. For the second and third sets, you will do between 30 and 40.

That will complete your three day resistance training workout. Try doing this workout even if you do lift weights. You will find that you may get a good muscle response from calisthenics. You may also adjust the numbers that you do on some of the exercises, depending on your level of fitness. Especially for crunches, boot beaters and side straddle hops.

Well, that's the word from Semper Fitness this week. Next issue we're going to help those individuals who are getting ready for boot camp. Until then, stay pumped, stay motivated, and oo-rah!

Semper Fi!