I recently designed a field meet for our command. The field meet consisted of a circuit course, a 300 meter swim, a ten mile bike ride, and a 5 mile run. That was the first part. Each team had eight members and each member participated one event. The second part was a mixture of max push-ups in two minutes, max pull-ups, max sit-ups in two minutes and a 1 mile run. The first part of the meet was a relay, where when a member of the team finished one event, he/she had to tag the next person to start the next event.Well, the circuit course that I designed was very challenging to say the least. I'm going to describe it to you and maybe you can use this as a personal challenge to yourself. Let's get ready to rumble.

The course had nine stations, about twenty five meters apart. The stations were designed in a rectangle so that the start point was also the end point.

The exercises that were conducted at each point were as follows:
Pull-up (10), Push-ups (25, 4-ct), eight count body builders (10), boot beaters ( 25, 4 ct, refer to cards workout, platoon pt, Semper Fitness archives), Push-ups again (25, 4-ct), flutter kicks/hello dollies (25, 4-ct, refer to Those amazing Abdominals, Semper Fitness archive), boot beaters (25, 4-ct), Walking lunges to next point, and final Push-ups (25 single count).

You will conduct two laps around the circuit course and end at the pull-up bars. Your total amount of pull-ups that you will do is twenty (20). You will not do a set of pull-ups when you finish (you might not be able to). After you get to the pull-up bars and finished the circuit, you will run approximately 800 meters to a designated finish point. In our case, it was to the base pool to tag the next event runner.

This is an awesome challenge to test your mettle. Like I said before, it's only for the tough or crazy. Please ensure that you HYDRATE AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Also, make sure that you STRETCH WELL before conducting this Physical Training session. I guarantee, you won't be let down.

Good luck on your circuit course. If ya can't start out that intense, lower the number of each exercise that you do. I was dying when I ran it. However, I did and that's what being a Marine and leader of Marines is all about.

Stay pumped, stay motivated and oo-rah!