Today's workout is going to focus on the chest muscles (pectorals). The workout we'll be performing today will give you a pump like you've never felt before. Let's get ready to rumble.

The human body adapts to almost anything. The problem with our workouts stems from the fact that we get caught in a rut and can't seem to make more progress. The way to fix that problem is to throw curve balls at your body. The way in which you throw a curve ball at your body is by periodically changing your workout. Well, today we're going to throw the body a curve ball it won't forget.

Today, instead of starting our chest workout with incline, we're going to start will flat bench press. We will be doing one warm-up set and two heavy sets (refer to Semper Fitness archive at the bottom of the article and look for the 5 day workout-day one for proper form). The change that you'll be adding in your workout is the simple yet effective push-up between sets. When you do your push-ups, ensure that you go all the down to at least fist level from the floor.

What you are going to do is conduct your warm-up set of bench press. Immediately after your warm-up set, do 25 single count push-ups. Rest for approximately 2-4 minutes then start your heavy sets. When you conduct your heavy sets, make sure you go to total failure (when you can't do another rep without help).

Again do 25 push-ups after your set. You will do the push-ups after every set of flat bench press. Once you've finished your three sets of flat bench press move on to incline bench press.

You will do the same set/rep scheme as flat bench (one warm-up, two heavy). Once again you will be doing push-ups between sets. This time you'll do 15 push-ups between sets.

After you finish your three sets of incline, go to decline bench press. This will be the last exercise of the day. Just like before, you'll do one warm-up, two heavy sets to total failure. You'll do the push-ups as before, however, you'll do only ten this time. After you've finished your three exercises, complete the workout by doing 30-50 push-ups (if you're able).

By this time your muscles should be jelly. I know you'll get as good of a workout as I do when I do this workout.

Remember, the body thrives on change and will adapt to almost anything you do to it. Let's fire up those workouts and build some muscle. Look forward to other alternative workouts that help trick those muscles right here at Semper Fitness. Once again, stay pumped, stay motivated and OO-RAH!

Semper Fidelis!